QUEEN BEY IS BACK…just in time for my first Music Mondays post.  Bey dropped her new album Lemonade on TIDAL after releasing hints of a new project to be aired on HBO.  The album is only available on TIDAL for now, but I promise you it is worth trying the FREE 30-day trial to hear this album. ***UPDATE: AS OF MONDAY MORNING, THE ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES.

For this Music Mondays post, I’m talking about my favorite song on the album, PRAY YOU CATCH ME.  The song opens up with mysterious and dark beat with Beyoncé’s voice echoing over the track.  The song then shifts into Bey’s opening notes which do not disappoint.  Her notes flutter over the track like the Old School Beyoncé I used to love. The track is moody with slow moving piano melodies and back up voices that add the richness to the song.  Though the lyrics of the song are not overwhelming or illustrious, they paint the picture and will have you “in your feelings” as the kids are saying these days.  The track fades into some violin strings before fading out.

The second reason to love this album is that Beyoncé sought other artists to help her write the songs on the album. PRAY YOU CATCH ME is written and produced by Kevin Garrett, a story in its own right.  If you haven’t listened to any of his songs you’ve been missing out on a lot.  After listening to PRAY YOU CATCH ME  a second time after this information, it makes sense.  Kevin Garrett’s simple lyrics and beautiful instrumentals are evident in his song for Bey.

This track will have you playing it over and over again. I’ve already listened to it about 25 times.

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