Coming off the release of two new albums to start off 2017, Future, born Nayvadius Wilburn, is on top of the rap game. With back to back album releases, Future is already setting records in 2017. The first album released, self-titled, Future, took the number one spot on the Billboard charts. A week later, Future released his second album of 2017 in a back to back release. This album added Future to the record books after immediately taking the number one spot. Future is now the first rapper to ever have an album replace his own and steal the number one spot. This feat is especially powerful considering the timing of the releases.

Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the new releases and answer the question…has Future changed or is this the genuine East Atlanta rapper?


The first of the releases, Future.

The first album released in the back to back drop, Future, coincides with the classic Future. The album has all of the familiar sounds and ad-libs expected from the East Atlanta trapper rapper. This can be contributed to the producers behind the music. Future went to his “go-tos” in terms of the producers chosen for the album. Southside, Metro Boomin, and Zaytoven all were nabbed for the album.  Those who are frequent listeners of the Zone 6 rapper, will instantly pick up on the familiar sounds and names associated with Future. The album is lyrically and instrumentally similar to earlier albums, EVOL and Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2). Tracks like “Draco,” “Super Trapper,” and “I’m So Groovy” display the trap beats and carefree lyrics that Future is known for…songs you wouldn’t exactly want your mother to hear. The album goes back to my personal favorite album’s (mentioned earlier), EVOL and DS2, in that the production features the heavy trap beats quintessential to the sounds of Southside and Metro Boomin. For me, Future takes me back to my college days where I first fell in love with Future’s sound, whether I was about to take the field, slinging weights, or in the middle of a house party. Regardless, the album seals the classic sounds that can be expected of Future.


The second of Future’s back to back releases, HNDRXX.

Just as fans were first sampling the new album, Future added to the excitement with the shocking news that a rumored second album was, in fact, dropping the following Friday. Future hyped the release of the upcoming album, HNDRXX, on social media explaining that it was a project he had wanted to release for a long time…a project that showed a different side than what the public had previously seen from the rapper.  With that, Future dropped his second album in a back to back drop just one week after Future‘s release. As a fan, I was excited to hear this album, specifically, because I wanted to know more about this side or persona that had not yet been revealed to the public.  Which side of Future was he hiding? Which persona is true for the rapper? After first listening to HNDRXX, I thought that maybe this was the first look at Nayvadius Wilburn. Was this the real Future, or is this the trap rapper persona that Future wants to bring out?

For those looking for the familiar sounds and bangers of Future’s previous work, HNDRXX may disappoint. Rather than the heavy 808’s and trap sounds from Future’s go-to producers, the rapper sought out different producers which ultimately led to a new sound. HNDRXX features more in-depth writing lyrically and has more of an R&B album sound. Future slows down the tempo of the songs we are accustomed to hearing and sings on the majority of the tracks.  The album also gives a deeper look into the Zone 6 rapper’s life. Rather than rapping about surface level topics or fashion, Future croons about different stories or experiences of his life.

A highlight of the album, a song titled, Use Me, explores the rappers past and poor relationship with his mother growing up. The visuals for the song show Future sitting in a booth across from a younger version of himself, therefore implying that the song was written to serve as a set of guidelines for the young Future to follow.

All in all, the albums have sealed Future’s spot as a relevant threat in the rap game. Whether you’re here for Future’s bangers or want to experience the more in depth songs off of the HNDRXX album, Future provides a sound for each side of his persona.

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