Some of you will think I’m crazy (or crazier), and some of you will love me even more…but I’m talking Beyoncé.  Unless you live under a rock and never read my blog, you are aware that Queen Bey is currently on a world tour after the release of her second digitally-dropped album, Lemonade.  With ticket prices ranging from $75 to $5,000, it’s clear that The Formation Tour is of some importance.  While some will roll their eyes and wonder what kind of people it is that would pay to see a concert, I’m here to tell you why you should go.

I had high expectations for the Formation Tour.  After watching the Lemonade documentary, I was expecting to see something big happen.  Unfortunately, there were no baseball bats visibly present at the concert. (See below)


However, there was arguably one of the best performers of our generation in all her glory.  The show opened up with detailed and expertly directed video of Bey before the unmistakable opening beat of Formation rang out. From this moment on, you are compelled by this beautiful source of talent.  To no surprise, Beyoncé did not miss a single cue or note.  Compared to other artists who may sound better on recorded, edited tracks, Bey was unreal.  In 6 inch Balmain boots and rigorous choreography, Beyoncé perfectly belts out every note. Instead of being over-staged by her talented backup dancers, Beyoncé outworks them.  Every move shows the passion and intensity of the songstress.

I’ll be honest.  I have had a problem with Beyoncé.  I loved the old school Beyoncé back when I would walk around singing, “to the left, to the left.”  However, in recent months, due largely to the media’s portrayal of JAY Z and Beyoncé, I’ve had a problem with the power couple.  You see, the media portrays them to be a couple that have no humility, a couple that are trying to take over the world and become everyone else’s “God.”  Though I have never stopped respecting Bey for her talent, I had a problem with her as a person.  I took the media’s idea of her as an entitled queen who had forgotten her roots and ran with it.  However, the Formation Tour revealed a much different person.  A thing that was completely unexpected.  If anything, I would expect the Formation Tour to do the opposite.  I expected to see an over-dramatized version of Beyoncé and to feel like a peasant. That feeling, however, is quite the contrary to what I experienced.

Maybe I got caught up in the atmosphere and lyrics from such a beautiful person, or maybe I really did see the real Beyoncé.  Nonetheless, I feel like I did see the true side of Beyoncé.  A side free from media interference and judgement.  I saw a young girl who had a big dream.  A girl who had worked hard to make that dream come into fruition.  A woman who had made that dream come true and was living it in front of 40,000 people.  I was humbled.  I was inspired.  She wasn’t an untouchable person too high up to relate to.  She was a human just like me.  One with the courage and drive to use her irrefutable talent to make a name for herself and change the world of music we know.  I saw Beyoncé on the Formation Tour; the real one.


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