Festival season (aside from Fashion Week) brings out some of the best fashion all year.  The Boho / Rocker style is one of my favorite looks that can be worn all year long.  My favorite exhibition for this style is Coachella.  The music festival in Indio, California brings out some of the best fashion you’ll see all year.  From celebrities styled by some of the best in the business to average fashionistas, Coachella is the place to take risks and experiment with fun, crazy looks.

This year, the jewelry has stolen the show.  Major Boho chokers and full necklaces have taken over Indio and are here to inspire.  Above are a few examples of these pieces.  These statement pieces are perfect for making Boho festival fashion edgier. These necklaces aren’t just for celebrities attending Coachella though. You can transfer these into your daily wardrobe as well.  By pairing a necklace like the ones above with a plain white T-shirt or vintage rock band shirt, you can look effortlessly cool and ahead of the upcoming fashion scene. Ready, set, rock.

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