I’m Back

Hello…it’s me.

If you read that in your Adele voice, you’re correct. All jokes aside, I’m back on the blog as they say. (No one says that).

Where did I go? That part is hard to explain. You see, I got “burnt out” and “caught up.” My posts became less and less frequent until they stopped. How did this happen? It had a little to do with a lack of patience…wanting instant success and views. It also had to do with a lack of focus…or focusing on too much at once.

I’m a dreamer, so my mind tends to wander in a million different directions at once thinking about what I can create next. In this, I mismanaged the tasks I had started, so I couldn’t push any of them towards success.

I also got “caught up” in the 9 to 5 (or 7 to 4 in my case). When work became my primary focus, I lost track of time and the things I love most. The cliche saying is so true that the timing will never be perfect, so you have to decide the time is now and go for it. The timing may not be right, now, but I’m making it the right time.

If you take anything from this, remember that time flies. Don’t lose sight of your dreams and passions by getting trapped in your everyday. If you want something, make now the time to go get it, or you could miss out.


As an editor’s note: Due to my extended hiatus from blogging, and writing in general, please bare with me as I remember correct writing forms and grammar. 

One Reply to “I’m Back”

  1. You’re looking strong, and I hope you are well friend. Miss you out here in Tennessee(Japan right now) and the fam as well. Stay motivated and keep grinding. Success always comes to those who put their head down and just get to work. You’re no exception.

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