LANY: The band you’ve never heard of

LANY (pronounced LAY-KNEE), is a SoCal alt/pop band you’ve never heard of…but you should. Unless you’re a resident or just into the LA music scene, you probably have been missing out on what this band has to offer. LANY, fronted by Paul Klein, former model turned musician and current dreamboat, started their band in Nashville before officially forming in LA in 2014. After an attempt at a solo career, Klein called upon former friends Jake Goss and Les Priest, who were working on producing beats of their own before agreeing to form a band.

LANY’s sound is airy and simple, yet somehow complex. The sound is often described by people in the industry as “dream pop.” The band’s latest EP, kinda, recently dropped and features the sounds and lyrics that are now their signature. Klein is able to write lyrics that seem relevant to either current situations or past memories within the listeners. The songwriting is simple, often telling a story of a past relationship gone wrong, yet paired with the airy sounds LANY is known for, becomes rich and complex.

Listen for yourself. You can thank me later.

Hi, Paul  😉


Listen to LANY here


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